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10 healthy Tips to keep your child’s good smile


Now days many parents are aware how to keep their child’s good smile. Here are 10 healthy Tips to keep your child’s good smile.

As all of us are well aware of the saying “”Prevention is better than cure”. It is applicable very much for your child’s dental care. Nowdays everyone wants an esthetic and pleasing smile.

A child  who has cavities in his/her childhood has higher chance of having more complicated problem in adult. As a dentist i have addressed similar queries of parents who are worried about their children’s dental care. So, Here i will advice the parents what can be done for children’s better oral health so that there’s no worries for further future problems.

1. Many parents ask us when should I schedule my child’s first visit to the dentist ?

2. When to start brushing for the first time? 

3. When should i start flossing my kids teeth?

4. How do I know if my child needs denatal care?

5. What are all the toothpaste that i can use to my kids? 

6. What are the strategy that i could follow to prevent my kids teeth from decay ? 

Most of parents don’t know when  their child needs the dental treatment . So when parents bring their children there are cavities formed in their young teeth already and are usually painful or completely decayed . Many of them want to prevent cavities, but it’s a challenge because they are not aware  about ways that can prevent cavities and enable their children to have an esthetic smile. Here are some special tips to the parents and caretakers and guidelines that should be followed. 

When to arrange first visit of your child to the dentist ?

The ADA recommends that children see a dentist by their first year. But in some cases, children are born with a  tooth or it is seen  after a month so here you should visit immediately. Other than that you can  visit at the age of 1 year . At this first visit, we the dentist will explain proper brushing techinque for children by use of flouridated tooth paste and quantity of toothpaste. Dentist examine children in their parents lap rather than on dental chair. 

One Question will be in your mind why should child visit at this early age. It can help dentist to find problems early and can be treated at their beginning stages and these early visit also make kids used to for their upcomming visit to their dentist. Consider taking your child to a dentist who specializes in treating kids. At this age you can cinsukt to the nearby pediatric dentist which are specilized in children’s dental care which will refere and advice you to other specialist according to need of treatment . Child having cleft lip and palate are refered to oral and maxillofacial surgery. 

It is important to visit child dentist caeld pedodontist,  at this early age because if  child seems to be at risk for cavities in their teeth or any other problems associated with oral cavity, the dentist may start applying topical fluoride in which and prevent from forming cavity. Fluoride is scientifically proven best medicine to prevent formation of cavities as well as it help to maturation of developing young teeth. So it is very important to visit child dentist at this early stage. 

Another important question is at what age Should kids start brushing teeth?

Formation of teeth is already started at second trimester of pregnancy but they start to erupt after 6 month in a sequencial manner. So parents should start dental care to their children before babys first teeth appear in mouth. Parental dental care at this age can be running clean soft cloth over the gum which help teething and washing harmaful bacteria.

After eruption of teeth in their oral cavity slowly parents or caretaker should start brushing their tooth with soft infant tooth brush. We recommend use of fluoride containing tooth paste for children which generally contain less contentration of fluorude and it should be about the size of a grain of rice. We as dentist recommend the use of  fluoridated toothpaste that carries the American Dental Association’s (ADA) seal of acceptance. Special precaution should be followed during brushing children’s teeth, that is, please donot allow your child to swallow toothpaste . It might be toxic if it your child swallow large amount of toothpaste because fluoride is, “two way sword”

When to start floshing – We generally recommend use of floss only when your baby’s teeth touch each other you can begin flossing between them.

When your kid is 3 year old then size of the paste should be increased to pea sized from rice grain size. Kids dentist counsel their caretaker or parents to lookafter while kids are brushing upto age 8-9 years because they might swallowing the toothpaste. 

Along with brushing parents must care about their children’s food habit. If they are exposed to more sucrose containing food there is always chance of forming cavity regardless of the brushing teeth. Parent sholud be more couscious if their kids have bottle feeding habit during sleeping time . This can lead to especial type of tooth decay known as “baby bottle tooth decay” It have very peculiar patter of tooth decay among children, the front teeth can get discolored, pocked, and pitted. It is a severe form of tooth decay.

So for prevention from such kind of tooth decay in kids avoid bottleh feeding after tooth eruption and  it to cup and after feeding dont forget to clean your kids mouth with clean water. 

10 Tips to keep your child’s good smile

1. Regular brushing with flouridated toothpaste

2. Visit kids dentist for application of fluoride gel

3. Avoid Foods containing sugar

4. Avoid bottle feeding habit after 6 month of age

5. Rinsing mouth with clean water after every meal

6. Donot let eating frequent sugary food especially between meal

7. Floss the tooth as recommend by your kid’s dentist 

8. Use of mouth rinse daily as per kids dentist recommendation

9. Visit the dentist twice a year

10. Balance dite 

If you follow above 10 tips to keep your child’s good smile it will largely decrease chance of formation of cavities. Formation of cavities in teeth is mostly due to sugary food which forms acid and if kid doesn’t brush and floss properly then the bacteria start producing acid in mouth which create porosity in teeth surface. If you donot visit you child dentist at this stage it will causes cavitation and after all it will be painful to your kids and it will also affect the erupting permanent teeth. So we as dentist suggest above 9 strategy to prevent tooth decay to kids. 


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