17 killing cause of Thumb Twitching


Thumb twitching is also called  a tremor, that occurs  when thumb muscles start and leading to contract involuntarily way , causing thumb to twitch. 

The muscles present in hands and thumbs are voluntary type of muscles.There are lots of reasons that thumb twitch and sometimes there is nodifinete resion why it happens .

Thumb muscles twitching ( fasciculation – it’s a little , local , involuntary muscle contration and relaxation that visible benith skin .

Deep areas detected by EMG although they might occur in skeletal muscles of body.) at rest isn’t uncommon. 

Twitching of thumb can result from activity in the nerves that connected to  thumb muscles,causing  stimulating them and result the twitching.

Twitching of thumb  is mostly temporary and rarely caused by a serious situations. So it suggest to everyone not to be panic.

Thumb twitching
Twitching of thumb

Causes Of thumb twitching

  1. Certain Autoimmune disorders eg, Issacs’ syndrome ( an autoimmune – mediated rare  disorder of peripheral motor neuron that is characterized by muscle fiber activity at rest that causing in muscle stiffness, myokmia, pseudomyotonia and craps . Sign and symptoms usually occurs at age between 15- 60 years of life . Most of people experiencing symptoms before 40 years of age .Exact cause unknown it might suspected appears either hereditary and acquired . Treatment bases on sign and symptoms develop in single individuals.
  2. Genetics 
  3. Cramp-fasciculation syndrome/  Benign fasciculation syndrome.
  4. Overdose of drugs such as  caffeine or energy drinks, amphetamines or cocaine.
  5. Less sleep :- when there is not enough sleep then neurotransmitters used to build up in brain nerves that resulting thumb to twitch .
  6. Side effects of certain  drugs such as Diuretics and blood pressure medications result an electrolyte imbalance that result involuntary twitching in thumb or others part of body too. Corticosteroids,  estrogen , isoniazid, antidepressants , anti – anxiety medications, also had effect of twitching thumb muscles . Others drugs such as   succinylcholine, topiramate, flunarizine , lithium etc results twitching 
  7. High-intensity exercises like running or lifting weights might leads thumb twitching and this occur when body doesn’t have much oxygen to convert metabolic substance i.e lactate into energy . Excess lactat stored in muscles and during need , it leads muscle contractions.
  8. Nutritional deficiency such as  B-12 also known as cobalamin ( sources meats , fish , poultry ,egg and dairy ).It’s deficiency usually occur in vegiterian.
  9. Stress is the  most common cause of thumb twitching . When person get stressed he/she goes into fight or flight mode, that has a number of physicial effects on body such include resulting impulses to fire erratically then nerves are ready for muscle control , can in turn result muscle to twitch.
  10. Anxiety :- when person get anxious body goes into fight – flight mode then brain triggers thus causing release of stress hormones such as adrenaline. It increases heart rate and breathing and make brain more alert to handle problem . It also result impulses to fire continuously the nerves are ready for muscle control and thus result muscle of thumb to twitch(thumb twisting) and other parts too.
  11. Dehydration leads to reduce blood flow to functioning muscle fibers that can impact on their capability to carry out normal work such as relaxating and contracting correctly. It occurs when lose of fluid from bodies conditions such as urination , vomiting or diarrhea , sweating etc.
  12. Electrolyte imbalance eg low potassium but this is less common
  13. Magnesium deficiency can cause thumb twitching .
  14. Metabolism disorders  low potassium absorption, kidney disease, and uremia.
  15. Benign twitches ( triggered by anxiety and stress).These twitched mostly don’t  last for long time and can occur Irregularly sometimes.
  16. Overuse of electronic devices like mobile phone can leads weakness , fatigue or stress in thumbs . Constant motion of pressing or typing buttons can lead thumbs to twitch if regularly rest is not given to them.
  17. Central nervous system problem such as Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS):- It’s a nervous system situation that occurs when motor neurons , which help to transmit nerve signals from brain to muscles that weaken and die after passing of time .

Parkinson’s disease :- Tremors of hand one of the first symptoms of this disease condition.

Neuropathy:- It’s happen when nerves get damaged by repetitive motion , injury and certain situations like DM and kidney disirders that’s leads harmful toxins to build up in body . The most common is peripheral neuropathy .
Myopathy:- It’s a situation that occurs when muscle fibers don’t work nicely . Three types of myopathy and the most  common one which includes muscle weakness that’s known myositis .

Spinal muscular atrophy:- It’s a genetic situation that leads to lose motor neurons by passing of time .

Treatment of thumb twitching 

* Benign thumb twitching no need treatment it’s resolve it’s own in few days .
* Stretch hand muscles regularly to keep them from cramping.
* A relaxing activity like a massage can help relieve stress.
*  Rehydrate in case of dehydration . 
* Take prescription medications like seizure drugs or beta-blockers .
* Conditions like nerve damage may need surgery as a treatment.
 This can include nerve grafts, repairs, transfers, or neurolysisTrusted Source, the removal of scar tissue from a nerve.

Prevention of thumb twitching

  1. Avoid  triggers such as  caffeine, sugar, or alcohol .
  2. Manage stress level by doing meditation and breathing exercises .
  3. Reduce  electronics usage such as mobile phone .
  4. Get a good  sleep approx 8 hours at night  and  enough rest as well
  5. Take  healthy diet eg vitamins B-6, B-12, C, and D, vitamine E . # Drink plenty of water approx 2.5-3.5 liters / day .

Time to seek medical help for thumb twitching 

Benign twitches eg those occured by stress and anxiety that’s may be normal when managing those situations over period of time.

If the thumb twitching  become very long term , lasts over period of  weeks and months , or accociated with loss of sensation , weakness of muscles in the limb occured then advice to visit doctor for further sugesstion and treatment.


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