17 Healthy Tips to Strengthen Immune System


Strengthen immune system by Several healthy lifestyle habits can help keep your body defense system working to get rid of illness and infection.

Body’s defense against  of infections , there related immune system usually immune system attacks  various dangerous germs and thus  helps to  keep people healthy and fit . Thus , boosting an immunity power is mandatory for everyone inorder to improve immune system so that infections will remains far from body. Having good immunity means having good power to fight against of any types of infections like viral ( eg corna virus , influenza etc) , bacterial , etc .


Immune system collect datass of all  microbe it has ever defeated, (B- and T-lymphocytes)i.e  memory cells.that  recognise  and then  destroy the microbes fastly as soon as possible if any microbes enter the body again,  before those may increase their numbers  and make person ill.

Parts of immune system

White Blood Cells (WBC), also known as leukocytes , that play major role in the immune system as well.

Certain kinds  of WBC, known as  phagocytes that engulf  invading dangerous organisms.

Lymphocytes  that help the body  to remember the invaders and  thus cause destroy them usually.

Neurophil , which is also a parth Of immune system and it’s play role in fighting with  bacteria as well. When anyone have bacterial infection then there need a blood test to know the cause  if it related to have lots of neutrophils in  the body.

Lymphocytes i.e  T lymphocytes &  B lymphocytes are also part of immune system and they have  played an important role too . As in medical we know lymphocytes start from  bone marrow and  they either stay there and then  mature into B cells, or they can  go to the thymus  to mature into T cells as well. lymphocytes  B are just similar to the body’s sequrity intelligence system as  they used to find their targets things  and send defenses to capture  onto them strongly and T cells are similar to the soldiers — they destroy the number of invaders which was found by intelligence system i.e B cells .

Antibodies, complement system (made up of proteins and whose actions is to complement the work  which is done by antibodies), lymphatic system ( made up of lymph nodes that captured microbes , lymph vessels, lymphocytes), spleen (it’s  a blood-filtering organs which kick out  microbes & destroys old or damaged RBCs. Beside these it also makes  antibodies as well lymphocytes , which are components of immune system), thymus ( Where T cell matured , T  lymphocytes produce as well ) as well as the bone marrow is also  the main parts of immune system and have major role  which actively fight against different types of infections.

Healthy ways to strengthen immune system

1.first line of defense is to choose a healthy lifestyle.

2. Avoid  smoking.

3. Consume a diet that is  high in fruits and vegetables as well ( rich in vitamin C – reduce the period  of having common cold, also play role in viral infectious such as influnza , Corona virus ,etc . Vitamin D , zinc ,etc ) 

4. Continue moderate exercise regularly.

5. Try to make a healthy weight because obesity might occur and thus increases the risk of getting sick more rather than health weight.

6. Drink only in moderation of alcohol overdrinking is avoided.

7. Get sufficient sleep approximately 7-8 hrours per day, while teens those need 8–10 hours perday and younger children as well as  infants up to 14 hours per day.

8. Make healthy hygine habit i.e washing hands frequently and cooking meats properly.

9. Don’t be panic and try to minimize the stress level because having long-term stress level and that  facilitate Inflammation process , and also  imbalances in immune cell function too.And long duration  psychological stress can inhibit  the immune response in children aslo thus, try to reduce stress level . Stress can be refused by engaged in doing yoga , meditation ,exercises , etc. 

10. Keep up with vaccinations. Almost everyone who’s at least 6 months old should get a flu vaccine every year.

11. Several members of the B vitamin complex, namely vitamin B6, B12 and B9, have been implicated in the immune response.

12. Omega 3 rich food for example  those in salmon & chia seeds,  that fight inflammation and thus help in this way.

13. Improve immunity with herbs & their suppliments.

14.  Consume more  whole plants foods such as  fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, & legumes those are rich in nutrients & antioxidants which can give protection against harmful pathogens properly.

15. Consume  more fermanted  foods or a probiotic supplement such as yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, and natto. They contain probiotics and thus improve digestion.

16. Decrease level of sugar in diets as  research advised that added amount of sugar and the refined carbs those play role in  inappropriate way and thus leads  to overweight and obesity happens and thus obesity increses the risk of getting sick.

17. Get hydrated 

Mostly  hydration won’t  protect from various germs and as well as  viruses, but by  preventing dehydration is important for  overall body health.

Getting dehydrated may results headaches and hinder daily physical performance, proper focus,  active mood, good digestion, & heart & kidney function as well and thus these complications could rises having  susceptibility to illness in a sense . Thus, getting hydrated is good rather than getting dehydrated.

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