4 Adorable steps of Skin Care – recommended by Dermatologist


Skin care is the limitation of experience that improves skin integrity, promotes its architecture and relieve skin situation, and may consist of nutrition, protection of excessive sun exposure, and appropriate use of sun moistures cream or ointments.
Some practices that might improve skin are the use of cosmetics, exfoliation, laser Therapy, hydrate skin -topically and orally, topical antioxidants, enough sleep, take a nutritious diet, stress-free life, avoid smoking, Alcohol, etc. 
Daily care of skin is done in case of different situations such as if the skin is to dry or too moist, in case of dermatitis and any skin injuries.


4 steps of Skin Care:

Step 1: Know your skin type:

  1. Oily (O)/ Dry (D)
  2. Resistant (R)/ Sensitive(S)
  3. Non- pigmented (N)/ Pigmented (P)
  4. Tight (T)/ Wrinkled (W)

Step 2: Set up a goal

Ideal skin is Oily+ Resistant+ Non- pigmented+ Tight (ORNT) type

Step 3: Choose correct skin care product

  1. Oily skin- foaming cleanser, light or no moisturizer, gel form of sunscreen

Dry skin- non- foaming cleanser, moisturizer and cream form if sunscreen

  • Resistant skin- no extra care needed

Sensitive skin- if presence of acne/ redness/ stinging/ allergic- visit your Dermatologist

  • Non- pigmented skin- no extra care needed

Pigmented skin- if mild – use sunscreen and retinoid, Ifsevere- visit your Dermatologist

  • Tight skin- no extra care needed

Wrinkled skin- If mild- use sunscreen and retinoid, If severe – visit your Dermatologist

Step 4: Follow daily skin care regimen


Step 1- Cleanser

Step 2- Eye product

Step 3- Treatment product or medication

Step 4 – Moisturizer

Step 5- Sunscreen


Step 1- Cleanser

Step 2- Eye product

Step 3- Treatment product or medication

Step 4- Moisturizer

Step 5- Retinoid

Useful tips for application:

  1. Wait until each product feels like it has been absorbed in the skin before applying another product
  2. Wait for 2-3 minutes before applying make-up over sunscreen
  3. The “teaspoon rule” of sunscreen: 1 teaspoon of sunscreen to the face and neck area Sunscreens should be applied 15 to 30 minutes before sun exposure. Ideally, reapplication at least every two hours is necessary but application at 8 am and 12 pm is essential.
  4. Topical retinoid application: a pea-sized amount of medication is usually sufficient to cover the face. Apply the medication to the entire affected area, not as spot treatment of individual lesions before bed. The skin should be dry at the time of application.
  5. Topical retinoids are recommended to everyone above 20 years as an anti-aging agent, except those with the stinging type of skin and those planning to be or are pregnant.

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