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5 ways how to make your love worthy


Love is an intense feeling of deep affection. In other words, we can say love is what one feels it. It should be seen not as a feeling but as an enacted emotion too. We can also defined love as be deeply committed and connected to someone or something hearty without any selfish habits.

Most of people used to say love is a pure, painful, sweet, as well as dreadful all at the same time.As we well know it’s truth that love is a basic necessity in everyone’s life in order to be loved to live a proper as well as healthy life.

Different people have their own definition of love. It is a said having of feelings, emotions, & attachment as well. Basic meaning of love is to feel more and more than liking towards someone and become the strong bond where two people share their opinions, emotion, attachment, happiness, sadness, grief etc.

Ways how to make love worthy or better

  • Giving chance to be participating in all activities to someone for whom your are happy.
  • There shouldn’t be any expectations in love.
  • Be able to maintain and understand the privacy among each other other.
  • There shouldn’t be any misunderstanding.
  • There should be sacrifice among each other .

Types of love based on ancient Greek

Eros or Erotic love

It’s first type of love, which is named after the Greek god of love & fertility.  Here Eros means the idea of having sexual passion as well as desire it’s a dangerous and frightening as it consists a “loss of control” and become passionate as we  intense form of love that arouses romantic as well as having sexual feelings. Physical attachment in this type of love .

Philia or Affectionate love

Philia means friendship , love without physical attachment it’s a type of love between among friends who are being together for long time and helpful always and can sacrifice as well.

Familiar love

This love is primarily to do with kinship & familiarity. It’s natural form of affection that often flows between parents & their children, & children for their parents as well.

This  love can also even be found among childhood friends that is later shared as adults as well .It is a powerful form of love, and  become an obstacle on our spiritual paths.

Ludus or Playful love

This type of love is an affection between young lovers i.e early stages of falling in love with someone. It’s can’t exist for long term relationship.

Mania or Obsessive love

This type of  love where a partner having  into a type of madness & obsessiveness and occurs when there is an imbalance between eros & ludus.

Here love itself is a means of rescuing by themselves and people wants to love & be loved to find a sense of self-value and due to these activities, they used to become possessive as well jealous lovers, feeling as though they desperately “need” their partners anytime.

Pragma or Enduring love

This type of love where there is  aged, maturity that developed as time passed and is beyond the physical as well as  has transcended the casual and  a unique harmony.

Found in married couples who’ve been together for a long duration of time, or in friendships that have lasts decades and it’s usually difficult to find just purely present in someone. Here is lots effort applied among each other to exist here love among people who’ve learned to make compromises.

Self love

According to Buddhia thought of “self-compassion” which is the deep understanding that only once you have the power  to love self & feel comfortable in own skin then only be able to provide love to others. Thus to love others people must  have to love hiself and be satisfied to love others.

Selfless love

This type of love is also called spiritual love, here  is an unconditional love, bigger than ourselves, a boundless compassion, an infinite empathy happens besides these love is accepted , forgives & believes for greater good activities. There is not condition bases love , love comes from inner core of heart .

Types of love that people are being experiences current time

  1. Routine love
  2. New fantasy love
  3. Disgusting love
  4. Infatuation love
  5. Friend love
  6. Fake love
  7. One sided love
  8. Target love
  9. Own partner’s love
  10. Unsatisfied or unhealthy love
  11. Elderly people love


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