Let’s talk, shall we? -DEPRESSION


I am writing in brevity because I think mental health issues don’t get enough attention as it deserves. I personally believe that one should keep check of one’s mental health every once in a while just like one would measure body weight or probe his  blood glucose level. A stitch in time saves nine.

Let’s talk, shall we?

DEPRESSION– sadness that persists. a crippling mental health issue.



Rather than writing more on what depression is, how it feels like( chattering mind, a sleeping zombie that is always tired, harmful to himself and others around) I want to focus on to how to deal with it.

However if you are feeling suicidal now, it is no time to hesitate; call your family, your friend or your psychiatrist immediately.


How to get over it

One can’t just get over it.If you have been depressed for years, it is certainly  going to take a longer time to achieve remission . However here are few things that if you do will quicken your recovery.

  1. You need help. Realize this. Sooner the better. This battle can’t be fought alone.
  2. Talk to someone you trust. A friend, sibling, parents, psychiatrist, Talk everything out. And do this often. PLEASE DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THIS STEP. This is in fact the most essential step out of all.
  3. Don’t isolate yourself in a dark gloomy room.
  4. Get away from people or situations that trigger your illness or makes it worse. Even some of your friends. Don’t expect everyone to understand. Know it’s okay.
  5. Go against resistance- i.e. wake up even if you don’t want to, make your bed, go out, don’t skip classes. Do these seemingly impossible tasks.
  6. Get some exercise. It produces happy hormones. Your body needs these.
  7. Mindfulness to combat overthinking. Overthinking only leads to false-believe things that don’t exist.
  8. Don’t do alcohol, smoking, and other bad habits. A  NO-NO. They are temporary fixes.
  9. List things to be grateful for every day.
  10. Learn something new. Explore yourself. You will get more confidence.
  11. Get to know new people. Yes, new healthy relations, new perspectives of life
  12. Take good care of yourself. Don’t beat yourself. Love yourself. Be kind to yourself. Don’t let other people’s misdoings ruin your life. And if you’ve done wrong don’t dwell in your regrets because everybody is learning – we learn throughout our lives. Forgive yourself.
  13. If you are consulting your doctor, follow him regularly. Take your medicines regularly.

Even when you do all these, your depression may relapse. YES.

You will think you are cured now but it will come back in a week. These remissions and relapses can occur many times.

But don’t get disappointed. Keep repeating these steps every time you feel even the slightest low until one day you truly recover.

Work on yourself.Love yourself. Be kind to yourself. Leave the rest.

And repeat this mantra  “All is well. All is well.”

“If you are living in the past, you are depressed. If you are living in future, you are anxious. If you are living in present,you are peaceful.”- Lao Tzu

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Ranjana Jasaraj


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