22 Exciting Things About Types Of Kissing You May Not Have Known


Kissing is the process  of touching or pressing of one’s lips to another person or an  any objects. On the basis of  culture and social aspect , it is known that kissing might  express feeling of passion, love and emotion, romance, having sexual attraction feeling , feeling of sexual activity,  being sexual arousal, affection, habit of respect, greeting habits ,proper  friendship, peace, and good luck as well. 


Types of Kissing

1. French kiss 
This type of kiss is the most erotic, expressive as well as arousing.Here  involves a lot of tongue playing as well as includes passion, romance as well as desire of kissing person’s own belove partner.

2. Lip kiss 
 It ‘s usually a playful & intimate move to leave own partner wanting more more and more . Here kissing is practice on partner’s top lip while they kiss his/her bottom . 

3.Neck kiss
Here kissing is done on neck  between each other to show satisfied love and affection.

4. Peck kiss 
In order to give anyone a peck, as it’s a light kiss at that moment make sure that lips are super soft. It may be the least romantic of kisses than others types.

5. Forehead kiss 
In this kissing type person  place lips gently on his/her mate’s forehead. This kiss expresses admiration for someone & is also  considered as a sign of providing having of  comfort and assurance feeling .

6. Tongue kiss 
It’s most pleasant type of kissing practice that improve and make happy sex life . Here tongue of eache other kiss used to kiss and feeling of having deep sex satisfaction.

7. Mark leaving kiss 
Here smoothly and gently bite is done to partner on their neck & keep sucking the area and that leaves a mark.This is  often included in erotic foreplay & a mark is left after the kiss is done. This kiss is also known as Hickey Kiss.

8. Hand kiss 
In this type of kiss person kiss on the backside of a others person’s palm and that shows person’s own respect, and love for the person whome he/she kissed .

9. Lizard kiss 
Much similar to a French kiss, this kiss also involves a lot of tongue, however, the tongue strokes are rapid. These kisses express nothing less than intense passion and arousal.

10. Earlobe kiss
 In this type of kiss, kissing  is done  by slightly nibbling the ear on the earlobes of person’s partner. This type of kiss is the most erogenous as well as  romantic kisses between the loveres.

11. Butterfly kiss 
In this type of kiss when person  and his / her partner  are less than a breath away, and person  eyelashes connect, bat own eyes against his/her  partner’s eyes/cheek.

12. Eskimo kiss 
In this type of kiss two noses of partner rub against each other and shows having a sign of expressing affection.

13. Seductive kiss
Here kissing  is placed inorder to win someone’s heart by seducing to them. Here person  bite an open mouth, mostly of an intimate kiss but without using of tongue.

14. Spider man kiss
It is said that this kiss is originate from SpiderMan named movie, here  the SpiderMan is upside down & his beloved one is standing right side up & they lock their lips. It’s  better practice it in a horizontal position on the bed.

15. Vampire kiss  Here  inner vampire and show  to partner  as wild side similar to as vampires does , make  a deep kiss on partners neck and  suck the area, let bite it gently and can be  given a love bite as well as it then leaves the red mark. And before doing this kiss permission from partner must be needed and make sure how much painful while sucking the neck .

16. Cheek kiss 
This type of kiss is usually famous in  European countries where  one or two light kisses on the cheek is done that gives feeling a friendly greeting that means “happy to see someone” among friends, family, partners,  as well as beloved ones.Here person put his/her lips on someone’s cheek and this kiss is a friendly kiss and as well as expresses  having positive feelings for someone special .

17. Kiss of an Angle
In this type of kiss a lovely and fine gentle kiss done on the eyelids that is  just below the brow bone location and this type of kiss shows  of feeling of  love and care, this type of kiss  done mostely by a mother to her babies and various husband to their beloved one.

18. Bite kiss 
Here gently bite done on own  partner’s tongue or lip mid-makeout, and then watch  how boo reacts.

19. Body kiss 
Not only the neck, there are others areas of bodies where  worth kissing is done ,usually  invilves the chest, stomach, torso, feet, as well as  booty. These activities all varies on an individual’s sexual preferences  habites.

20. Nipple kiss 
Here Kissing, licking, and sucking a partner’s nipples is practiced and that shows honestly among beloved partner and having feeling of amazing for both female and male. Here by kissing each other nipple beloved ones satisfied with their sexual life warmly.

21. Genital kiss 
Here kissing among partnersis practiced  through their underwear, by using only liips for epic foreplay at the particular spot where partners mostly enjoy it. On the agreement among eachother  begging for more way to enjoy then remove the barrier and introduce tongue usually male into the female genitalia ie inside vagina and female lick the male penis inorder to satisy their sex life.

22. Chin kiss
This type of kiss is quite simple and yet erotic. Here gently hold partners chin with middle finger, index finger & thumb, and then  tilt it towards the right directio and then enjoying the incidence of kissing while holding it in proper way.


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