11 alarming causes of Hiccups, Diagnosis, Home remedies


Hiccups is a sudden and involuntary contraction of the diaphragm muscle which leads to muscle spasms and the vocal cords snap shut, producing the hiccup sound.


Normally, the diaphragm pulls down when you inhale to let air into your lungs , and then relaxes when you exhale so air can flow back out of your lungs to exit your nose and mouth. But if something irritates your diaphragm, it can spasm, forcing you to suddenly suck air into your throat, where it hits your voice box. That makes your vocal cords suddenly close, creating the distinct “hic!” sound.

Common causes of Hiccups

1) Eating too much or too quickly
2) Feeling nervous or excited
3) Drinking carbonated beverages or too much alcohol
4) Stress
5) Swallowing air while sucking on candy or chewing gum
6) Diseases that irritate the nerves that control the diaphragm
7) Abdominal surgeries
8) Strokes or brain tumors
9) Chronic medical disorders (such as renal failure ) have also been reported to cause hiccups.
10) Noxious fumes
11) Certain medications


In a medical setting, the diagnosis of hiccups is based on physical evaluation. Blood tests or X-rays are usually not necessary unless your hiccups are a symptom of an associated medical condition.

Most hiccups aren’t an emergency, or anything to worry about. However, a prolonged episode can be uncomfortable and disruptive to daily life.
Contact a doctor if you have hiccups that last longer than two days. They can determine the severity of your hiccups in relation to your overall health and other conditions.

Home remedies to get rid of Hiccups

1) Holding your breath
2) Drinking a glass of water quickly
3) Gargling with water
4) Breathing smelling salts
5) Bite on a lemon
6) Lean forward so that you gently compress your chest
7) Breathe into a paper bag
8) Hiccups can be prevented by avoiding overeating, eating too quickly, or drinking too much

There are a lot of stories surrounding hiccups,that is “ when you get hiccups, someone is missing you very much”. Or when you were small; your parents must’ve also told you that “ when you get hiccups, someone is talking bad about you somewhere ”. Is this true ? Answer is a big No.

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