Dealing with mental hazards


So we all talk about mental health and how we should communicate to our near and dear ones if we feel sad or depressed. But just talking about it and not following measures to compete against it is also what needs to be considered.

Most of us know how deadly mental sickness can be but paradoxically we hide it in front of everyone. We are okay to talk about it in social media for others, but when it comes to us, we keep it within ourselves. Still most of us don’t even think of seeking medical help when it comes to dealing with anxiety and depression.


One major evil face of our society reveals that most of us know we are depressed, but we don’t go to a psychiatrist or a psychologist only because we think we will be called as mad people and humiliated everywhere. We are so afraid that we start pretending everything is okay. But it’s not.

It is important that we create an environment where people can openly talk about their mental illness and not be judged by others. People should be provided with more enthusiasm and comfort.

We, as medical professionals, need to be active in increasing not only awareness related to symptoms and effects of anxiety and depression but also emphasize on how important it is to seek medical assistance at the right time and not be ashamed to do so. Maybe that’s when things will start to fall in right spots.

Rachana Jha



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