Perks of being a medical student


Human beings are creative. They have the tendency to become hardworking enough to become anything they want and achieve their dreams. Being a medico, of course, I have gone through a couple (or maybe more) of stories related to how people end up choosing this field, and how it actually is a good profession to pursue.

First of all, if we talk about interests, we have to mention that every student took admission in a medical campus because of these reasons:

They were sick for a time in their life, anyone among their friends or relatives were sick at some time in their life, someone in their family is related to medical profession, family pressure, because they were bright in studies, or basically because they found it interesting.

Everyone knows you need to be sincere and study a lot to get admission there. Educational and mental preparation for medicos start at a very young age. You pass 10th and then 12th and then entrance and finally crack your way to it.

But everyone starts to have mixed feelings once they actually make it there. The biggest myth is that medicos should be damn serious and that they don’t have a life.

That is not true. Yes of course, you will be responsible for someone’s life and health in future, so you need to be a lot careful and concentrate on studies. But that doesn’t imply you can’t add hobbies or look out for fun in life.


Every profession needs dedication. Medical profession needs it too. But it is one of the best futures to aim to. Being a medical student makes you feel proud that you are not just benefitting yourself but someday, you will be serving mankind. It is a social service. In the state of any emergency, be it earthquake or a pandemic, medicos stand as warriors. Everyone thinks you are highly meritorious which also provides respect.

Along with these responsibilities, medicos also get to enjoy through fairs and programs organized from time to time. Medical college creates a friendly environment also for those who are away from their family, so it establishes good environment for them. They can explore their interests, scope for future studies and sharpen their mind.

Nothing can be achieved if you don’t pay a price. We need to understand that the same deeds which we regard as torture for now will result to be boon in our future.

That’s why, it is important that we embrace medical profession without any hesitation and doubt. That will help us to flourish in our profession and love it

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